Tuesday, 26 July 2011


day 1

right now is kinda a hard time for me. i have a lot in my hands. i just moved and i have a lot to take care of. i feel bad about madi too, but i cant do shit right now with all the problems going on. my brother needs watched, and dani cant go to college until we get things situated. linsay ofc had to tell her bc i knew she wanted to know, but couldnt do anything about it. right now isnt even good for me. i dont really like girls that much. not that im gay, but im not straight either, or inbetween. it sucks. school starts soon, but ill make sure that my grades are good, and might leave at 16. ill decide halfway if i want to. i need a good job, but i need to take care of family and if that means ruining my dreams, ill let it be. i need a haircut. i dont want longer hair anymore.